Milwaukee Line - Project Process & Schedule

Pace conducted an Environmental and Technical Study according to federal regulations. The study analyzed existing conditions, environmental impacts of the proposed project, and measures to mitigate impacts. Research areas include air quality, noise and vibration, social and community disruption, environmental justice, transportation, historic resources, visual setting, and land use. 

The environmental documentation was submitted to and approved by the Federal Transit Administration.

The first public meeting was held April 22, 2015 to introduce the project features and development schedule. The second public meeting, held on August 26, 2015, presented the environmental review documentation as well as the final selected station locations for the Milwaukee Line.

Preliminary roadway and curb work begins in November 2017. Station construction will begin in Spring 2018 and the Pulse Milwaukee Line will begin service in 2019. Stakeholder outreach will be a part of each phase throughout the process.

Milwaukee Line timeline graphic


The Pulse Milwaukee Line is funded by a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant through the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, as well as local and regional funds, including Pace operating funds. Total capital construction costs are estimated at approximately $9.5 million and new vehicle costs are estimated at $4.5 million.