Halsted Line--Project Process and Schedule

timelineThe South Halsted Bus Corridor Enhancement Project is led by Pace and CTA. A planning study was initiated in early 2018 to evaluate the project area and identify potential bus service improvements.  Pace and CTA established a Corridor Advisory Group (CAG) consisting of community leaders, elected officials, regional government entities, and transit agencies to help identify local concerns regarding transit access and mobility in the project area and provide guidance on solutions. With their help, a Corridor Evaluation, Recommendations, and Project Strategy Final Report was developed which outlines alternatives for infrastructure improvements, preliminary station locations, preliminary service and operating plans, proposed running way improvements, and project cost estimates. Pace and CTA will continue to meet with CAG members and communities at key milestones.

The project will follow federal regulations to analyze potential environmental impacts. As part of the environmental review, Pace and CTA will seek public input on the corridor transit needs; service, running way and station enhancements; analyze, and document the project’s anticipated impact on air quality, noise and vibration, as well as ecological, archaeological, and historic resources. Based on this, a refined final plan for bus enhancements will be developed.

During the design phase, detailed designs will be developed for station locations and proposed running way improvements such as dedicated bus lanes and queue jumps.

Stakeholder and public outreach is ongoing throughout the study process.