About Pulse

Pulse is a new rapid transit network, providing fast, frequent, and reliable bus service using the latest technology and streamlined route design.

In 2002, Pace identified the need for what is today known as Pulse service through the agency’s Vision 2020 plan, which included a 24-line network to enhance mobility and suburb-to-suburb travel options (please see the Corridor Development Plan map below for more information).  

In 2020, the Vision 2020 plan will be succeeded by Driving Innovation: The Pace Strategic Vision Plan. The plan will include an updated corridor development strategy which will be used to guide future investment and development of Pace's Pulse program. Going forward, Pace will use this process to identify future corridors for Pulse lines.

To date, Pace has launched Pulse Milwaukee Line, which began operating in August 2019 and provides service between Golf Mill Shopping Center and Jefferson Park Transit Center. Pulse Milwaukee Line is one of seven priority corridors Pace is pursuing over the next 10 years See the Near-Term Corridor Development Plan map below for more information.

Currently, three priority corridors are in project development moving forward toward implementation: the Dempster, Halsted, and 95th Street Lines.

The remaining three corridors planned for project development include Cermak Road, Harlem Avenue, and Roosevelt Road. These corridors are currently not funded for project development, and actual service alignments, station locations and other local transit access improvements will be developed in the future. See Other Priority Corridors for Future Development for more information on these and other future Pulse corridors.

 Pulse Near Term Network Map 9 10 2019 01  Pulse Network Map 9 19 2019 01